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" To witness to God's love, as told in the Scriptures, sending us to transform all creation through self-giving and dialogue. "

What We Do


Pastoral Work




We are engaged in pastoral work in the islands of Mindoro, Palawan, and Romblon, as well as in Cavite, Quezon City, and Manila.

I. Manila District

Diocese of Cubao


141 Sct. Fuentebella, Diliman

1103 Quezon City

 Fax:      (02) 923-06-87

 Tel.:      (02) 929-04-19;   (02)  415-43-53;   (02)  923-06-85

   E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Parish Priest: Fr. Jose Randolph Flores SVD. Assistants: Fr. Benigno Beltran SVD, Fr. Ramon Bosch SVD, Fr. Jose Caballes SVD, Fr. Fernando Santos SVD, Fr. Gerardo Del Pinado SVD.


2. Archdiocese of Manila

ST. JUDE NATIONAL SHRINE (1954/1986/1994)

1420 Jose P. Laurel, Sr., San Miguel, 1005  Manila

Tel.:      (02) 735-64-08

Fax:      (02) 735-64-11

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website:  or

 Parish Priest: Fr. Lino Nicasio SVD. Assistants: Fr. Christopher Ramirez SVD, Fr. Anselmo Nicasio SVD, Fr. Antonio Wang Yuhang SVD.


(Smokey Mountain)

Permanent Housing, Balut, Tondo, Manila

 tel: 254 1866; 404 5761

Parish Priest: Fr. Jhonatan Letada SVD. Assistant- Fr. Melkiyares Ukat SVD.



4. Diocese of Imus



Block C-23,lot 2, Bgy. Luzviminda II, Dasmariñas, Cavite

Tel:       (046) 851-18-94

E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Parish Priest: Fr. Teofilo Perey SVD. Assistant - Fr. Glorioso Salvatierra SVD.



Janssenville, Bgy., San Juan, Cainta, Rizal

Tel./Fax: (02)  658-18-11

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Parish Priest: Fr. Willie Escalante SVD. Assistants: Fr. Joselito Salvador SVD, 


Christ the King Seminary Compound, E. Rodriguez Sr. Blvd., Quezon City

Fr. Ronnie Crisostomo SVD - Shrine Rector. Fr. Ronald Rey Espartinez SVD - Treasurer


 II. Apostolic Vicariate of San Jose




Lubang, 5109 Occ. Mindoro

Parish Priest: Fr. Pius Tnesi SVD


2. ST. RAPHAEL PARISH (1708/1952)

Looc, 5111 Occ. Mindoro

Parish Priest: Fr. Anthony Tria SVD

3. Holy Cross Parish

Santa Cruz, Occidental Mindoro

Parish Priest: Fr. Anselmus Taolin Kiik SVD. Assistant- Fr. Joseph Tran Than Hai SVD.

4. San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish

Ligaya, Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro

Parish Priest: Fr. Uili Uvea SVD

5. Chair of St. Peter Parish

San Pedro, Rizal, Occ. Mindoro

Fr. Dondion Soriano SVD; Assistant - Fr. Ferdie Alfante SVD

6. San Isidro Labrador Chaplaincy

Bubog, San Jose, Occ. Mindoro

Chaplain: Fr. Francisco Mendoza SVD.

 7. Parokya ng Mabuting Pastol

Magsaysay, Occidental Mindoro

Parish Priest: Fr. Ronie Teman SVD.

Diocese of Romblon

St. Therese Parish

Lumbang, Cajidjiocan, Sibuyan, Romblon

Parish Priest: Fr. Alois Ortner SVD.





Calero 5200 Calapan City

Tel.  (043) 288-30-48; 441-05-65

 Fax. (043) 441-05-65

Parish Priest/ Mangyan Missionary: Fr. Ewald Dinter SVD

2. Our Lady of Fatima Mission Area

Leuteboro II, Socorro, Oriental Mindoro

Fr. Eduardo Bongais SVD


Lazareto, Calapan City

Tel.: (043) 288-3032

Fr. Alejandro Gobenciong SVD



 Bgy. Pakyas, Victoria, Oriental Mindoro

 Fr. Danilo Bayalas SVD  



Bgy. San Isidro, Bongabong, Oriental Mindoro

 Fr. Edward Fabella SVD



Bgy. Inarawan, Naujan, Or. Mindoro

Fr. Loyd Fiedler SVD



 Aurora, Naujan, Oriental Mindoro

Fr. Robert Alan Meechan SVD



 Bongabong, Oriental Mindoro

Fr. Anthony Ibarra Fabella SVD


Bgy. Lalud, Calapan City, Or. Mindoro

Fr. Eufrocino Bacit Jr. SVD


Bgy. Managpi, Calapan City, Or. Mindoro

Fr. Paulus Sina Latuan SVD

IV. Palawan District

1. Immaculate Conception Parish

Balabac Island, Palawan

Fr. Alex Vitualla SVD - Parish Priest. Fr. Sagayaraj Bilavendhiran SVD - Assistant.

2. Santo Nino Quasi-Parish

Rio Tuba, Bataraza, Palawan

Fr. Adrianus Usman SVD - Parish Priest. Fr. Peter Han Hoang SVD- Assistant

3. San Isidro Labrador Parish

Quinlogan Quezon, Palawan

Fr. Diego Orcino SVD

4. Santo Nino Parish

Apurawan, Napsan, Palawan

Fr. Jose Guinto SVD - Parish Priest. Fr. Joseph Ngo Van Ha SVD - Assistant

5. Our Lady of Fatima Parish

Rizal, Palawan

Fr. Felino Javines SVD

6. St. Luke the Evangelist Quasi-Parish

Aramaywan, Quezon, Palawan

Fr. Peter Tran Xuan Vu SVD

7. San Isidro Mission

Caruray, San Vicente, Palawan

Fr. Rodrigo Salazar Jr. SVD







Description Right here

What we do in parishes

Description Right here

Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous Peoples Apostolate

The involvement of the SVD Missionaries in the island of Mindoro with the Indigenous peoples known as Mangyans started right away when the SVD formally accepted the Mindoro mission in 1935. The activities included health care, livelihood assistance, advocacy in formalizing their ownership of ancestral lands, and providing opportunities for education. Quite a  number of Mangyans have become teachers, among other professions. There is also a diocesan priest in Oriental Mindoro who is a pure Mangyan. 

Fr. Ewald Dinter SVD, a long time missionary to the Mangyans, shares the following reflections: 

The Indigenous People (IPs) of Mindoro

LUKE 10:25-37  Gospel, Monday, 27th week (oct, 3 2011) & year C, 14 Sunday.

The Good Samaritan helping the man who fell under robbers. A Lawyer had asked Jesus, "who is my neighbor?"

In emergencies we help / we have to help as the Samaritan did. Our task in the Mangyan Mission, however, is, to work for long range change / solution

Martin Luther King in the USA used this parable in his non-violent struggle for equality of the African-Americans and for human dignity, namely, to work that the road from Jerusalem to Jericho becomes free of robbers

Our work, Program in the Mangyan Mission / Risen Christ parish:

  • Awareness Programs/ Activities that the Mangyans are accepted as equal members of the society. Our effort for Reconciliation.
  • Security of the Land, ancestral Domain, CADC and CADT. Good will is not enough. It needs professionals,
  • Education, provides opportunities to " go to school" in formal, alternative, indigenous education (IP Education as a new system in all schools we work in),
  • Capabilty Building: provide opportunities for the Mangyans to enhance their knowledge & skills for self-determination and self governance. 
  • Human/ IP rights and responsibilities as members of society and tribes, 
  • Sustainable agriculture and Livelihood; through Trainings - that Mangyans become more aware of the resources which are within their reach,
  • Health: Basic knowledge about nutrition, promotion of indigenous healing system and use of herbal medicine, cf. Rolling Clinics of German Doctors. 
  • Values Formation,
  • Research on Mangyans culture, inculturation
  • Helping to form Basic Human Communities and Basic Ecclesial Communities

Education Apostolate

Education Apostolate

The SVD Philippines Central Province owns three colleges (Divine Word College of San Jose in Occidental Mindoro, Divine Word College of Calapan in Oriental Mindoro, and Divine Word College of Legazpi in Albay), one (basic education) school for Chinese-Filipinos (St. Jude Catholic School in Manila), and is also managing a school in Semirara Island, Antique (Divine Word School of Semirara Island, Inc.). There are also centers for the so-called Alternative Learning System (ALS) in Cavite, Manila, and Palawan.



S.Y. 2016-2017

S.Y. 2017– 2018 

I. CENTRAL PROVINCE (4 Schools)plus 1



4, 308

4, 181


4, 751

4, 568

DWC-San Jose

 2, 674

2, 441

St. Jude Catholic School, Manila

 3, 061

3, 198

 Divine Word School of Semirara Island, Inc.  N.A.       N.A.



 Divine Word College of San Jose, San Jose, Occidental Mindoro (1960)

Fr. Renato Tampol SVD - President

Fr. Ronillo Ordenes SVD - Vice President for Administration

Fr. Nonito Gallego SVD - Vice President for Finance

Fr. Joel Sagdullas SVD - Dean of Graduate School

Fr. Thaddeus Teano SVD - Campus Minister

Bro. Vincent Iopam SVD - Director - Mangyan Education Center

Divine Word College of Calapan, Calapan City, Or. Mindoro (1946/1967)

Fr. Crispin Cordero SVD - President

Fr. Andres Isagani Lolo SVD - Vice President for Administration

Fr. Timoteus Gampur SVD - Vice President for Finance; Basic Education Director

Fr. Renato Malbog SVD - Campus Chaplain; Director- Community Extension Services

Fr. Conrado Salvador SVD - Assistant Campus Chaplain

Divine Word College of Legazpi, Legazpi City, Albay (1961)

Fr. Nielo Cantilado SVD - President

Fr. Ricardo Miranda SVD - Vice President for Academics

Fr. Paulus Karmani SVD - Vice President for Finance

Fr. Bernardo Collera SVD - Campus Ministry Chaplain; Guidance Counselor

Fr. Rico Gerardo Jazmin SVD - Associate Campus Minister; Professor

Bro. Yosep Undung SVD - K + 12 Coordinator; Professor

Saint Jude Catholic School, Manila (1963)

Fr. Emilio Lim SVD - Director

Fr. Paulino Belamide SVD - Principal

Fr. Teddy Abas SVD - Administrative Officer

Fr. Roland Aquino SVD - Finance Officer

Fr. Peter Li Mei SVD - Assistant Principal for Chinese Curricullum

Fr. Leo Turqueza SVD - Campus Minister

Divine Word School of Semirara Island, Inc., Semirara, Caluya, Antique

Bro, Hubertus Guru SVD - School Director

Fr. Eliseo Yyance SVD - School Chaplain

Fr. Kornelis Karmon SVD - Director, Community Extension Services



Formation Apostolate

Formation Apostolate

The SVD maintains formation houses to train missionary priests and brothers to do mission in the Philippines and other countries.


1. Divine Word Seminary: It was started in 1963 in Tagaytay and originally housed the novitiate, philosophy and theology departments. At present, the theology department can be found there. Seminarians from other congregations and dioceses also study here. Recently was added the Divine Word Institute of Missiological Studies, where Masteral and Doctoral degrees in Missiology can be conferred.




 Fr. Michael Layugan SVD - Rector; Church History Professor

Fr. Bernhard Abrazado SVD - House Treasurer

Fr. Raul Caga SVD- Professor, Moral Theology

Fr. Atilano Corcuera SVD - Liturgy Professor

Fr. Felix Ferrer SVD- Systematic Theology Professor

Fr. Elmer Flores SVD - Assistant Prefect for Apostolate and Regents and Exchange Students

Fr. Jose Randolf Flores SVD - Exegesis Professor

Fr. Ross Heruela SVD - (Studies in UP Diliman)

Fr. Anacleto Mananzan SVD - Spiritual Director

Fr. Antonio Gilberto Marqueses SVD - Dean of Studies

Fr. John Paul Marquez SVD - Dogma Professor

Fr. John O'Mahony SVD - Spiritual Director; Confessor

Fr. Antonio Pegon SVD - Spiritual Director

Fr. Wilfredo Saniel SVD - Pastorals Professor

Fr. Antolin Uy SVD - Church History Professor

Fr. Edgar Javier SVD - DWIMS Director, Professor

Fr. Antonio Pernia SVD - DWIMS Dean and Registrar, Professor

Fr. Gerardo Donato SVD- DWIMS Treasurer

Fr. Alexander Muana SVD - Missiology Professor

Fr. Dante Venus SVD - Head- External Affairs/Development and Promotions Office



2.  Christ the King Seminary, E. Rodriguez Blvd., Quezon City: It started in 1933 as a high school for boys that initially accepted even those not intending to be priests. Now it houses the Philosophy Department, and recently began offering Grades 11 and 12 (Senior High). It is also open to other congregations and dioceses.

Fr. Carlos Lariosa SVD - Rector

Bro. Romualdo Abulad SVD - Dean of Studies

Fr. Andrew Amanor SVD - Associate Prefect

Fr. Sherwin Tristan Aromin SVD- Head Prefect

Fr. Rudyard Base SVD - St. Arnold Center for Integral Development , Office manager

Fr. Melchor Bernal SVD - St. Arnold Center for Integral Development Director

Fr. Vicente Rayco SVD - House Treasurer

Fr. Manuel Bongayan SVD - Professor; Radio Veritas

Fr. Romeo Castro SVD - Supply Priest

Fr. Limneo Dangupon SVD - Service Center; Seminary Store Manager; Finnemann bldg. in-charge

Fr. Efren De Guzman SVD - Special Apostolate (Tahanan ni Maria)

Fr. Manuel Gatchalian SVD - Mission House Treasurer; Spiritual Director

Fr. Glenn Paul Gomez SVD - Mission Secretary

Fr. Louis Lapus SVD - Assistant Spiritual director

Fr. Benito Limsuan SVD - Chaplain, Pink Sisters Hemady

Fr. Restituto Lumanlan SVD - Arnold Janssen Secretariat; Spiritual Adviser- Lay Society of St. Arnold Janssen (LSSAJ)

Fr. Eli Mata SVD - Professor

Fr. Emmanuel Menguito SVD- Head Spiritual Director

Bro. Eugenio Orog SVD - Assistant Spiritual Director

Fr. Noel Rebancos SVD - Superior Delegatus

Fr. Ramonito Rebucias SVD - Assistant prefect; Professor

Fr. Alfredo Rollon SVD - Student, UP Diliman

Fr. Jose san Juan SVD - Supply Priest

Fr. Isabelo San Luis SVD - Radio and TV Ministry

Fr. Ruper Solis SVD - Vocation Director

Fr. Anthony Ynzon SVD - Student


 3. SVD Postulancy, Tagaytay City. Here, adjacent to the Divine Word Seminary, those who finished the Philosophy course in Christ the King spend a year in psycho-spiritual formation through seminars and special activities.

Fr. Alan Bondoc SVD - Postulancy Director

Fr. Severo Biton Jr. - Assistant Postulancy Director


4. Holy Spirit Novitiate, Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro. After Postulancy, one year is spent studying the Constitutions of the Society of the Divine Word among other aspects of the life of an SVD missionary. At the end of the year, those who are accepted will pronounce their First Vows in the Society of the Divine Word.

Fr. Joseph Villas SVD - Novice Master

Fr. Andreas Koa SVD - Assistant Novice Master

5. St. Josef Freinademetz Formation House, Cebu City. This is the formation house for those who are aspiring to be religious SVD Brothers. They go to the University of San Carlos to study courses that will enable them to do various functions to promote the SVD apostolates.

Fr. Alejandro Villasante SVD - Rector

Bro. Edgardo Faz SVD - National Brother Formation Director

Bro. Irol Torres SVD - Prefect of Discipline; National Brother Vocation Promoter

Characteristic Dimensions

Biblical apostolate

Biblical apostolate

The 13th General Chapter officially
recognized the biblical apostolate as a priority of our Society. "We
realize that in dealing with the word of God, the Bible, we are talking about
the very heart of the Society of the Divine Word .... The biblical apostolate
forms an integral part of our heritage left to us by Blessed Arnold, and as
Divine Word Missionaries we ought to make it a permanent trademark of our
mission work" (Nuntius XII, pp. 710)

PHC Biblical Apostolate coordinator:

Fr. Yap Arlo Bernardo, SVD, Head (Divine Word Biblical)

Catholic Trade Manila Building

P.O. Box 1375, 1099 Manila

Tel.: (02) 731-77-27

Fax: (02) 711-73-24



Mission Animation

Mission Animation

Fr. Glenn Paul Gomez, SVD ( Coordinator )

This office promotes mission awareness among the lay to encourage them to support the missions through prayers and material support.

JPIC – Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation

JPIC – Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation

Fr. Villanueva Flaviano, SVD ( Coordinator )

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

One of its prominent activities is the Kalinga (Kain-Ligo ng ayos) center in Tayuman that three times a week provide showers, hot lunch, change of clothing, and adult education to the homeless of Manila.

This office keeps abreast of social and political issues to keep the membership informed and involved. Disaster response during floods, typhoons, etc. is also part of its program.

Ecology concerns awareness is also promoted by the office and through individual initiatives of some SVDs.


Communication –Media (TV, Radio, Printing Press, Cyberspace)

Communications –Media (TV, Radio, Printing Press, Cyberspace)

Fr. Yap Arlo Bernardo SVD, (Coordinator)

Individual SVDs are engaged in Sunday TV Masses, Radio programs, and writing columns in newspapers. Logos Publications is involved in the print media apostolate.  Others maintain pages in Facebook, write blogs, maintain websites to create an SVD presence in the internet.


Other Apostolates

Other Apostolates

The SVD also provides personnel for chaplaincy work in hospitals (Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital and Fabella Memorial Hospital) and schools (La Salle Green Hills and College of the Holy Spirit Manila). 

There is also a Mission Center in San Jose, Batangas, which provides spiritual wellness (through retreats, recollections and seminars) in addition to doing prison ministry. 

Meanwhile some individual SVDs teach in schools and formation centers in the Manila area (not run by the SVD).

In Christ the King Seminary, Quezon City, the Saint Arnold Center for Integral Development (SACID) is located. Headed by Fr. Melchor Bernal SVD, the Center offers counseling, psychological assessment for seminarians and religious, seminars and workshops, and spiritual direction. For more information the office may be contacted through telephone 2196968/ 7265002/ cp- 09178684152; email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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